One of our other creative hobbies is to write books. Self-published for now, we produce mostly suspense, fantasy and sci-fi novels. If you’d like to get a taste of our writing style, our first few books are available to purchase online below.

  • imperfect-book

Have you ever sat on a train and wondered about the passengers beside you? How did they get there? Where are they going? Would I help them if this train crashed?

An Imperfect Balance explores the possibility of how a group of very different people come together, and how, after a horrific train crash, none of these passengers are ever the same again. In a bizarre twist, stuck inside a derailed train carriage, each passenger must decide whose life is more valuable. Time is running out as the train teeters precariously on the bridge. They might survive if they can decide who among them deserves to live.

  • pong-book
  • Pong’s Pearl

    Dan Piper

    Coming soon to eBook

Pong is one of the last Mallepo Frog-People left on Balligras Island. He and his brothers and sisters live in a simple home-cave under the guidance of The Watcher, but their lives become suddenly more difficult with the arrival of vicious predators. Crutorre Crab-Men have stumbled upon their cave, and they are hungry.

Pong leads his family on a desperate escape that takes them far from Balligras and confronts them with a destiny that far outweighs the dangers of the island; a destiny that has driven the Mallepo to the edge of extinction, and Pong is the only one who can rescue them from the brink of disaster.

  • glimpse-book

She must face her past to save her future.

Following a life threatening accident, Bonnie wakes up to discover she can’t remember who she is. It is only by reliving her memories that she is able to piece together her troubled past. But what she uncovers is more than one person can handle…

  • waking-book

When Amanda wakes up from a two year coma, she remembers nothing about her life before the car accident that rendered her unconscious. She is horrified to find out the crash was not an accident at all, but an attempted homicide by the same man who murdered her parents.

After changing her identity, Amanda flees to another country to start a new life, but she quickly discovers she is not safe there either. Dreams of her past begin to haunt her as she runs from a man trying to kill her, all the while having no idea who he is and why he is after her.

Looking for a publisher


Trilogy stack

  • Shadows over Soroneth – Book Series

    Dan Piper

Our beloved Dan Piper has spent years crafting this trilogy of epic fantasy. Now we just need a publisher to take a chance on us so people all around the world can read this wonderful story. If you’re in the publishing business, we want to hear from you!


Book 1 – The Last Prince

Death rises…

A young prince named Peril finds himself embroiled in bitter conflict. His home is on the brink of war as a deadly curse threatens the land. Surrounded on all sides by brutal enemies, Peril is chosen to defeat the darkness. However, there is only one way to overcome the evil that is rampaging unchecked; He must die…

His hope lies in the call of a mysterious Centaur who has been seen in the northern forests. It is this legendary being that can supposedly unlock the secrets of his magical tome and protect the Last Prince of Alterranon from his fated demise. But the journey north will require all the skill the boy possesses, and the tenuous friendship of some unlikely allies.