cardsGames bring people together. That’s what we love! Whether it’s a card game, a dice game, a board game or anything digital, we usually find time to squeeze in some kind of game in our downtime.

Not only do we love to play games, we’ve been taking it a step further and designing our own. That’s what we do!


Never Bring a Knife – (January 2020)Never bring a knife box

A social deduction standoff card game

– Designed by: Maggie & Jordan Clyne
– Illustrated by: James Mosingo
– Published by: Atlas Games

We designed this game initially for a bit of fun and were pleasantly surprised to find out a publishing company actually wanted to sell it. This is first of many of our game-babies and we’re excited to see it in the hands of other people who enjoy games as much as we do.

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We’ve made a bunch of fun games – from the setup rules to the printed box! Not everything can be published (these things take time) but we love to have a smart-looking prototype on hand if ever we do get the chance to submit to a publisher.

Below is a list of original Clyne Design games that we’d be happy to test with you if ever you’re looking for something new for games night.

Blood Moon Poker

2-4 Players, Ages 12+

Prepare your soldiers and protect your townsfolk… because when the blood moon rises, bloodshed is sure to follow in its wake! Blood Moon Poker combines poker with battle. It has the appeal of creating a great poker hand with entirely new strategies. Instead of betting and bluffing, this game is about building an army, protecting your peasants, or becoming the richest player and outsmarting the rest. The best part? You can play with just 2 players!

bmp mockup


2-6 Players, Ages 12+

An ancient source of power has been uncovered in an inaccessible location. Only specialised robots can get in to harvest from the strange reactors. Collect as much energy as you can while avoiding reactor overloads as you control your bot through the underground facility. But beware, your control options are limited due to electrical interference. The first player to fill up on energy and get out alive wins.

Bombbots Mockup


2-4 Players, Ages 8+

Be the first to find the treasure, but will it be enough to win? Knowing where the treasure is may not be enough to win the game. You’ll first need a shovel to dig it up, and then a key to open it! But in this race to find everything you need, you might be outsmarted by other players collecting gold… or perhaps you’ll step on a landmine!

Portfolio Mockup


2-4 Players, Ages 10+

Your alien army is ready to strike those pathetic humans, take over the city and conquer the world… but watch out! Your rivals are after the same thing. Can you secure the city before they do, using portals to warp in your troops? Or will they be turned to ash by enemy lasers?

Artboard 1

Weird Little Elf

4-12 Players, Ages 8+

It’s the night before Christmas… Santa’s elves are working hard to finish all the toys in the workshop, but something isn’t right. The elves are acting very strangely. Rumour has it, the terrible Imp has snuck into the workshop to sabotage the toys and ruin Christmas. But the elves are very mischievous and Santa can’t tell which one is the Imp. So he gathers all the elves and asks them one simple question…


People loved Weird Little Elf so much, we made some expansions! Meet Pretty Little Elf, Manly Little Elf, and the inappropriate, adults-only version, Dirty Little Elf.





We’re always looking for game-lovers and people willing to playtest our games to make them the best they can be. If you’d like to get on our contact list, fill in the form below and we’ll contact you next time we need to test a game.