About Clyne Design

logo-iconDo you ever find yourself needing help with a creative project but don’t have the time or the know-how to do it? Maybe you want a business card for your new business, a wedding invite with a personal touch, or a collaborative birthday video for your best friend’s 21st… Well good news, whatever it is, CLYNE DESIGN CAN HELP!

Who Are We?

Maggie and Jordan Clyne – husband and wife duo – have skills in just about all things creative. Together they are the Jack-of-all-trades.

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  • Maggie is a graphic designer with a love for games, drums and food. Her passion is finding that project that she can’t put down until it’s finished – usually game design or books. Seeing that accomplishment of a beautiful finished product at the end is what keeps her going.
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  • Jordan is a Media Teacher, a young-at-heart gamer and a fantasy author under the pen name ‘Dan Piper’. Trained in the Media Arts, he loves to tackle new projects, especially in video or writing, and is always willing to help you in developing that next epic creative endeavour.

What Do We Do?

It’s probably easier to ask, ‘what don’t we do?’¬†We like to dabble in all creative things! Video editing, graphic design, novel writing and games creation. Throw in some DJ-ing and sound production as well as a healthy dose of drums and you’ve worked us out.

We like to share our creative ideas with each other, come up with new games to play with friends and give feedback on each other’s books. We’re always growing and learning and willing to better ourselves. If you’re curious, Contact Us to find out more.


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