Our Creations


Never Bring a Knife

A social deduction, standoff card game

Tabletop card game created by Clyne Design. Published by Atlas Games 2020.

Cops and Criminals shoot it out in this hidden roles game of teams. Easy to learn with 4-8 players and lots of fun!


Weird Little Elf

It’s beginning to look a lot like weirdness!

Social card game created by Clyne Design. Coming to Kickstarter, by Atlas Games in 2022.

The mischievous Imp is hiding among Santa’s Elves and trying to ruin Christmas. Santa must work out who among the Elves is the Imp by asking one simple question…


Waking Up

Maggie Hart

When Amanda wakes up from a two year coma, she remembers nothing about her life before the car accident that rendered her unconscious. She is horrified to find out the crash was not an accident at all, but an attempted homicide by the same made who murdered her parents.

An Imperfect Balance

Maggie hart

Have you ever sat on a train and wondered about the passengers beside you? How did they get there? Where are they going? Would I help them if this train crashed?

An Imperfect Balance explores the possibility of how a group of very different people come together, and how, after a horrific train crash, none of these passengers are ever the same again.


Dan piper

She must face her past to save her future…

Following a life threatening accident, Bonnie wakes up to discover she can’t remember who she is. It is only by reliving her memories that she is able to piece together her troubled past. But what she uncovers is more than one person can handle.

Pong’s Pearl

Dan piper

Pong is one of the last Mallepo Frog-People left on Balligras Island. He and his siblings live in a simple home-cave under the guidance of The Watcher, but their lives become suddenly more difficult with the arrival of vicious predators and Pong is the only one who can rescue them from the brink of disaster.